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Coping With The New ‘Normal’

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We are finally a little more than a month in (2021) and yet I am still in this weird state of ‘What is going on?’ and I am sure aLOT of, ‘When will this end?!’. The world is in a constant battle with this pandemic and I am here, trying to get through it as calm as possible. How about you guys? Do you sense the confusion?. There is a lot of expectations coming into 2021, and realistically, I know it will be a year of dealing with more of the same issues. Making the events that occurred in 2020, having a lasting effect for many years to come.

I do not know when the pandemic, the wearing of the masks, social distancing and/or school and work schedule will go back to normal. Nor do I not know how the pandemic will change the course of every ones lives or worst yet, the world, in its aftermath.

What I do know is that emotions are high, depression is sky rocking and moods are getting more than a bit down every day and I completely understand how something so negative can affect a person, mentally and physically. Coping With The New ‘Normal’, are just some pointers that I have used and am still following, to let out some extra energy and replace with some positive actions or energy. All we can do is figure out how Coping With The New ‘Normal’, can WORK FOR US.

When Things Start Looking Bleak

I am a person who always look on the bright side. Who tries to always be positive, even in the most unusual times. I have always carried hope that things will get better, eventually. So when the pandemic came and quarantine put us under lock down, it was fine at first. However, as the months crept by and the virus did not seem to be controlled, we started losing patience, among so much more.

Cabin fever is REAL, and the amount of things a parent has to do to keep their children happy, and AT HOME, can make for a frustrating situation. Just imagine, If an adult can suffer staying inside for an extended amount of time, how can a child be expected to be any different? So ‘Coping With The New ‘Normal’ can offer suggestions that can elevate the negativity.

What do you do to keep the sad and negative vibes away?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional therapist or counselor. These are actions and routines I know works for ME. This might not work for everyone but let me know on the comment section below if it works for you OR if you have other ways to cope. I can not wait to hear from everyone!

Let’s Start Moving!

The GREAT thing is, we do NOT need the outside environment to keep up movement and keep thing exciting. Going through remote learning and therapies for both boys, my weekdays can be a constant back and forth. Even though it keeps me running around, it is not enough for me. The feeling of repeating the same things, not being able to socialize, and being in the same space for some time can cause me to nitpick on my environment and myself. So I have put together a couple of things I do to keep things running smoothly. These are my coping mechanism to dealing with my new ‘normal’.

5 Top Steps To Deal With Our New ‘Normal’

1. Scheduling- Make sure to space all sessions (class and therapy), at a specific times. Usually for me, that would be mornings. I had to do an exception with one, because mornings were getting too full.

Make sure to have a physical or digital form of a calendar so that it is all laid out to your specifics.

At times, things get crazy and I have made the mistake of not putting in information for a session and /or appointment. Please try to input any information as soon as you can, as you can risk double booking or not realizing you can not do that day and/or time.

2. Exercising daily- I keep writing about the weight gained I have lovingly called, the Quaratine30. This weight gained caused mental and physical havoc and my past pain started coming back. This worried me to no end and the last thing I want to be is unhealthy.

It has been a little over a week that I have started a daily routine in which I do a at home 40 min to an hour excerise session and weekends are cardio days. My cardio consist of a 45-min jog or run on a track nearby. Before covid, I did three to four days of the gym and it was intense. My sessions were an hour to two hours long and I did both exercising AND cardio. Now, I will space it out so that I can attempt to have the same results, but done differently.

So let’s get it guys!

3. Inspirational Talks or Videos- Now this is one thing I have always talked about because it always gives me positive thoughts and feelings. This causes me to than give out that same energy so that I can help spread vibes filled with light and love. So when ever I feel my mood getting negative, I counter it with as must positivity as I can absorb.

Sometimes even a smile can lift someones mood, I just do not understand why it is not passed along more.

4. Cleaning And Reorganizing – Surroundings can get really boring or clustered. Having my things organized and clean can really enforce positivity and can also motivate me to stay on task while feeling great about me and my environment.

So let’s get to cleaning and organizing!

5. Stay Connected With Friends And Family – There are so many ways to stay connected that there really isn’t a reason I should not, especially with people who are important to me. Keeping the connection with your love ones can keep your anxiety and fear to a minimum.

Let’s turn our phone into a video conference call and get to chatting with love ones!

Our New ‘Norm’

We are strong and as much change we have had to undergone, we still fight to keep it as normal as possible. I am doing the best that I can be, just like each one of us. So when this new ‘normal’ gets to be too much, take a deep, slow breath and see the above list. Sometimes distractions give us a chance to work on a problem subconsciously. So use the list as a distraction too!

Let’s get moving!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional therapist or counselor. These are actions and routines I know works for ME. This might not work for everyone but let me know on the comment section below if it works for you OR if you have other ways to cope. I can not wait to hear from everyone!

Keep Being AMAZING!


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  1. Brenadliz,

    I am right there with you. I lived in Iowa and worked in Illinois for the past 3 years and in March is when things changed drastically for my work life. I worked in an office alone as a Property Manager so I already craved social interaction but now I wasn’t able to see my residents and hardly my employees.

    Skip ahead to May and I knew I wanted to move closer to where I was from so in July I quit my job and in August I moved to Arkansas. In the middle of a freaking pandemic.

    I started working from home in Arkansas and many of your suggestions are what get me through each day. I already suffered from on-and-off depression/anxiety before COVID-19. I’m pretty sure I was born with it haha!

    But after experiencing working from home and the fear of getting out in a new city really hit me. Morning yoga has been my savior. It’s reminded me to be kind to my body and my mind. To embrace the things that are hard for me and sit with it until I can find the positives.

    Walks have helped tremendously, a schedule is a must and I clean CONSTANTLY.

    I am glad that you are finding things to help you through these bizarre times. And know that you are not alone. People like me are right there with you!

    1. WOW you are a WARRIOR, to do this during pandemic! It must have been so scary to do a restart in such uneasy times, but you also gotta do what you gotta do. And you come first.
      I am so happy tips like these are helping, especially during these times.
      Yoga sounds like a great routine for you to regroup and soak in positive vibes, so never stop that!! Lol
      Thank you for your beautiful uplifting comment and have an amazing weekend!

  2. Hi, there are some excellent pointers here. I have noticed many times before in my life that good habits and healthy routines are usually thrown off by major life discontinuities such as an illness or even going on vacation or a change in working hours. How much more disruptive has the pandemic been. Like you, I have my Covid elbees – lbs. I think one thing this experience has underscored is the importance of friends. I have started Zoom conferences with very old and good friends who all live overseas. These are friends I have had for over 40 years. It has been a very stabilizing and rewarding experience and I would recommend this to anyone. Someone has to pluck up the courage and take the initiative and reach out even if you haven’t spoken in years. If anyone is thinking about it but doubtful, I can only say take the plunge. Under these circumstances, what do you have to lose?
    Best regards

    1. That is AWESOME advice! Reaching out to people, especially at different times in life, is such an interesting twist to keeping the connection with others.
      Thank you for that idea! That is something I look forward on doing myself!
      I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Hi there. This is a great article. I can tell you that everything you mentioned is very real to me. My quarantine started 2 months before the COVID lockdown. I was recuperating from surgery and was finally released to start enjoying life and then the COVID lockdown started 3 days later. I had 3 days of freedom and was back to being in my home 24/7. If it wasn’t for exercise and positive uplifting/inspirational videos and training I would have gone stir crazy. I think your article will help a lot of people during these crazy times. Thanks so much for sending out a few new tips!
    Stay Healthy !
    Jamie L.

    1. Hello Jamie!
      That must have seriously been a bummer after recuperating from surgery! And you only had 3 days before lockdown is sad.
      I am glad that with excerising and inspirational videos and post, helped you during a time it is most needed!
      Keep staying sane in a chaotic world!

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