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Quarantine Blues – Nothing Like The Present

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Author’s Note: If you have not done so, please read Quarantine Blues – In The Beginning. It is great content, talking about what I went through with young children in the beginning of this quarantine and how I was able to bare with the situation! I will catch up to the present with this article.

Also, please feel free and drop a comment on your family or your own Quarantine Blues experiences and/or what did you do to combat this! I can not wait to hear from you! Enjoy!

Love Yourself, For Forever And A Day =)

Cabin Fever


Quarantine has given us something else to worry about; cabin fever. By definition, it is psychological symptoms that a person may experience when confined to their homes for an extended amount of time. Symptoms may include feeling restlessness, irritability, and loneliness.

My boys are prime examples of children experiencing cabin fever. They would become extra cranky, tantrum ready and definitely having feelings of restlessness though out the day, and that is when things started happening.

With my baby catching an infection on his toe, which hospitalized him for days AND then my younger son, running around, tripping face first onto the corner of our ottoman and developed a concussion. Which by the way had him hospitalized too! As this happened back-to-back and were the scariest month of life, I did NOT sleep a wink and at this point I had to make a plan of action.

Change Of Plans

In my prior article Quarantine Blues- In The Beginning, I spoke about taking walks and 8:30 a.m playground trips, but that did not happen until these accidents came to pass. I was determined to protect my children, and so I kept them inside.

That did not go so well with them, as I am sure many parents can agree with!

After my oldest, Zach was better, I had to reevaluate my plans of keeping them inside. Was it an inconvenience? Yes, it was. Making sure you went the right time and walked along the right path was really tedious, but it worked! In time!

At first, I thought that no matter what I did, this plan was not going to work. They were still going bonkers inside for the remaining of the day! But I also remember I had kept them inside and I think they either had a tremendous amount of stored energy or they were nervous about NOT going back out again; My poor babies!

After a little while though, we developed a routine and they seemed to mellow out. Days usually went like this: playground is on alternative days (taking walks, play wrestling etc. on the other days) and times was checked(you do not want to go out when there are large numbers of people walking around!). We always did something aside from activities, because even that can become mundane. So a lot of jumping around, doing various things, leaves children guessing and excited for what is on the agenda and I LOVE that anticipation!

So ALWAYS try a bit of mystery and fun interwoven into your children day and it can greatly reduce accidents and tantrums!!

CHANGE it up and make it COUNT guys!!

Remote Learning – Sounds Good…. ON PAPER!!

After talking to ABA instructors and therapists, I had concluded that remote learning DOES NOT fit a lot of children. Very few children, heck even most adults, have trouble staying in one place for hours on end and then on TOP of all that, are required to LEARN and do ASSIGNMENTS. Shoot, I was already saying, Good Luck (and if you said it with the accent from the movie, Taken, then right ON!)

That is NOT all of it though, is it? As parents, we struggle with house chores, errands AND multiple children. We struggle to TEACH our children, as we were NOT taught how to teach. We added school teacher to our list of responsibilities, but with no pay and/or classes to help the PARENTS know HOW.

How can we help our children when we are not taught how to, pertaining to this? Remember how “homework time” was theWORST time! Imagine a whole morning and early afternoon, 5 days a week doing homework time! How do I explain to my non-verbal son the difference between 2D and 3D shapes? Or how can I teach him the differences between forces, like push and pull?

As I am going through the motions and looking up extra videos on these topics on any free time I gathered, I am still left thinking of the rest of my day. All the house work, errands and other things just as important to maintaining a clean and stable environment, would be there waiting for us.

So yes, even if I absolutely understand WHY remote learning is here, it does not necessary mean I stand completely behind it. Remote learning with the right parameters can be an excellent tool, but without all the bells and whistles, ARE we doing more harm than good to these children?

And that my friends, is my dilemma and no matter what, we still have to make the best out of it.

Present Day – Keep It Coming

Accidents and remote learning can turn any ones hair gray! As parents, we do suffer from cabin fever ourselves, but forced to push it back and make due with any stressful situation. Especially for the sake of our children.

Yes I still go though bad times, or full on bad days; sometimes it is my OWN cabin fever and sometimes it is my children’s cabin fever that pushes me to go bonkers. At the end of the day, I either get one or the other, and it lasts for a time OR a day! I can not make that up!

All I can say is, positivity goes a LONG way in opening my eyes (and hopefully yours!) to the beauty of WHAT we have in the now. Keep moving forward and always try to spread love and compassion for others.

Keep it coming World, WE GOT THIS!


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