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Quarantine Blues – In The Beginning

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Quarantine Is HARD

Most people are losing their minds to something I’d like to call, Quarantine Blues. Within the year, I have been feeling a kind of heavy, depressed and an overall blah attitude and I just did not really understand it.

At the beginning of this pandemic, we have had to barrow within our homes and watch the days drag and numbers climb. As the sirens of ambulances rang along the streets; I now always try to stop what i am doing pray. I worry constantly: as a mother, for myself and my family. I worry about my financial situation, healthcare, justice, among so many other things.

So I am calling this period in my life the Quarantine Blues and if you keep on reading, you would understand and see how I am able to keep moving forward and always try to see the positive in every second of the day.

Before Quarantine

I finally was able to do what I needed to do; so I started preparing myself to join the work field. With two children, I needed the income and I was ready to take on more responsibility because that was what was needed.

Getting up in the morning, having somewhere to go, having an agenda and goals made me feel good. It gave me a plan and a vision and I thought I had a clear cut path. But then Covid came and that path became just that much farther.

Soon after that, my older sons school went remote and my younger son was diagnosis with Autism. The rabbit hole was ever so dark with all that was happening around us.

I knew things were not going to be the same for a while, so I buckled up and did what I had to do. Especially in the beginning months because no one knew much of anything and the unknown was scary.

Things I Did To Help Pass The Time With My Boys-

1- Get your children involved in as many arts and crafts as you can! I went through so much different types of paper, it was remarkable! Try to get them to copy you or use tracing paper to help your child. I would have the teacher send me worksheets so that my oldest can do all the tracing and coloring he can have.

Also, use this time to use scissors and glue sticks so that they can develop eye – hand coordination and their imagination. It can also can get children into colors, shapes and numbers!

2- I know the key is to not let them have screen time but let’s face it, quarantine left many more hours in the day to fill in and our kids get bored, like amazingly fast. So put them on shows that are fun AND educational. Give them shows that have them entertained but also show moral and causes and effects.

My son Zach has become so much more verbal during quarantine it has amazed me. He would watch the shows like Little Baby Bum (Original or the learning songs one) or Leap Frog (Number Land or Letter Factory) over and over again. These were a couple of shows that became an awesome learning tool in his life the beginning of quarantine.

If your child naturally are not into screen time, great!! Have the songs themselves rocking in the background, while they are playing, doing activities or when they are relaxing. Either way they will be rocking and swinging their bodies all day long!

3 Make a special place for them. My apartment is way to small but I would build tents. Currently we have a bunk bed turned tent now that is used when they need some space. Use your imagination and you and your kid can have a small slice of space in no time!

So if you are blessed with even a small corner that can be used, give it to your child. Give them the chance to dress it up, decorate it how they want to and let it become their quiet downtime corner from when they need space or time.

4- Music is an excellent way to get them moving and smiling, clearly lightening the mood. Quarantine can cause you feel down-and-out, even if you do not understand why. Music has the ability to change your vibe and get your into a happy place.

Your kids will love getting into dance battles with you or they would be happy just stepping on your feet while you sway left or right. Get your kids into it, cardio is still very much important!

5- Walks can save your sanity! Okay, so we all really want to be out and about but the reality is, we can not. During certain times of the day I take my boys on a walk. Vitamin D is very important and also, humans are NOT made to hide in the dark because if we were, we would not need to soak up the sun shine, am I right?

So figure out the best times within your neighborhood and get some fresh air, you and your children deserve it!


I think at this point I can honestly say with utterly conviction that, I am so over it!

But as you know, it isn’t as simple as that and the story isn’t really over, is it?

I have been doing everything in my being, keeping my boys as unaffected by quarantine as possible. As it already affected school and therapy plans, my plans is to make it as easy and fun as possible and I think to myself: so far, so good!

So as we have ventured on the journey of remote learning and rearranging schedules to help keep things organized, one thing I can say is, the juggle game is strong and I am going to talk about it in my next article: Quarantine Blues: Nothing Like The Present. So stay tuned and watch out for it!

Keep Being AMAZING!!


Author’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully drop a comment, message, question, opinion, experience and/or start a discussion! I am incredibly grateful for you all and just wanted to remind everyone to LOVE YOURSELF, for always forever and a day! 






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  1. I love your article-so down-to-earth, so practical and yet, so touchy. You also reminded me of the times when I was a little girl and sometimes, in winter, our Mom let us set up a tent-like something in the living room, built with an opened small ladder and some rugs over it. We could hardly fit under it, but, as you say, it was our castle, our kingdom, and the whole world while we were in. There was no pandemic then, but there was the boredom that, as with all children, could quickly creep upon us. Now, with this very unfavourable situation it is even more difficult to keep up not only the fun for children, but their spirits, too(and ours, as well). You really seem to do your best to keep them occupied, and make their days as nice and as fun as you can. And, I don’t think it is a bad thing if you let them watch shows that they can benefit from, especially because you focus on healthy walks, as well.
    Looking forward to read your next article.

    1. Hello Kerryanne!
      Yes, the boredom was a force when we were children and it could be chaotic without an outlet! I believe as long as the imagination is there, its worth it!
      I try my best to keep my boys from going bonkers, which usually just holds it off for a bit, because what kids likes to feel trapped home?
      I also think that having more screen time, especially if used correctly can be a HUGE benefit. Walks if you can, or if you can’t, a great wrestling match, to balance screen time is just as awesome lol! Whatever works!
      Thank you and I can’t wait to hear fron you soon!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  2. Great, Brendaliz, I like your attitude! In a way you were lucky as well: you were able to take your boys out during lockdown (if I understand you correctly). The lockdown over here was quite tough and my grandsons haven’t left the appartment for over 3 months!
    I was lucky enough to have a garden and we were allowed in our own garden. But now in our 3rd lockdown I am getting the blues as well. Pfff.
    Great tips you gave for parents. Good luck!

    1. Hello Hannie!!
      Omgoodness, in the beginning I was super cautious and my boys stood home for about 3 months themselves because they refused to wear masks, having sensory issues made it impossible. After the crazy cabin fever and so much more I’m going to talk about in part two; I started sheduling 8:30 am playground time and calculating the best time to take a walk, usually during the mornings or late evenings in my neighborhood!
      I WISH I had a garden!! Super nice and I bet the little one helps! I believe you mentioned one earlier?
      Please let me know what other activities you do to keep things busy!
      Your 3rd lock down and my second that has just gone into effect… Stay safe and be careful!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  3. Hi Brenda! Thanks for sharing this positive post! I also experienced kind of depression at the beginning of the quarantine because it was so unexpectedly, and our normal life suddenly stopped. Despite we were not allowed to go for a long walk, I tryed to spend as long as possible outside. I can’t stay at home very long time because my apartment is to small. We have a 3 year old kid and we also tryed to make his day very effective and fill it in with a variety of different activities. I know how hard it was for the parents, those children experienced the remote study.. I think it is the worse of the pandemic.. And I thought it could be nice to have my own house somewhere near the nature, especially for this difficult time.
    I wish that our lives will return to normal as soon as possible!
    Aal the best,

    1. Hello!!
      I totally argee with a beautiful home in nature! It would have been perfect for the quarantine, but not many people do, so I just wanted to bring more activities to you!
      In my part two, Quarantine- Nothing Like The Present, that I am currently working on will speak about cabin fever, both of my sons crazy antics AND remote learning!
      I cant wait to hear from you again!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  4. Thank you for this article on quarantine blues. I’ve been walking alot and writing to keep busy. I hope people can make the most of this situation so they can have a positive daily routine.

    1. Hello!
      This is so true, I believe no matter what type of person you are, the blues can still hit you. I feel like we were not meant for long periods of isolation, as we are social beings.
      You have the right idea in keeping it fun and busy!
      Thank you for dropping a comment!
      By the way, how are you doing during this time? What activities are you trying?
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  5. Thanks for the good article about positive and healthy things to do during quarantine. My wife and I have 3 kids at home, ages 11, 13 and 15. We too have expanded screen time somewhat but have included walks, hikes and bike rides for outdoors stuff.

    1. Hello friend!

      I understand and am glad you are also extending walks and the such too!
      I live in a place where even on walks, people are all around, so I have to make due with my location, just like everyone who’s situation is different from others.
      This is why I make activities and arts and crafts a bigger priority then others!
      I am really happy you made it to my article and that you dropped a comment! I hope to see you around!!

      Keep Being AMAZING!!

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