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Activities For Autistic Children- Indoor Edition

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Quarantine has changed many traditions since coming onto the scene and I will attempt to search and/or try to do the BEST activities for autistic children – Indoor Edition!. It is scary times we are all going through, as it is tough on our children, and nightmares for parents.

From personal experience, the worst times were when we were stuck inside with no where to go. It was a battlefield in my house. With one boy an introvert and my youngest the party animal, it was really hard to get them on the same page. Finding activities was super tough, but I searched and found some we can add a little twist to it!

One thing I would say is, find activities that incorporate the things they LOVE first and THEN figure out how to incorporate anything specific you WANT them to learn. Be it parts of the body, learning how to follow directions, or develop leadership skills, among so many other things; can help expand their minds. The amount of things we can teach them are endless and all it takes is little imagination!!

So let’s dive into Activities For Autistic Children – Indoor Edition, and we can see how we can teach our children AND have a blast at the same time!!

1-SwimWays Standard Swim Pool Noodle Set Pack Of 35 I picked this particular package because not only can you use these for an awesome time poolside, swim training aid and extra flotation device, you can actually do quite a lot of other fun activities with your child!! Another great thing is they come in an assortment of colors including red, blue, green\, purple, and yellow! Dimensions: Each noodle is 55″ long (about 4.5 feet) with 2 3/8″ diameter.

Activities You Can Do With Your Child:

*Not only can you cut 2 inch pieces and start to stack them, you can make patterns and start a jingle with it. Get them excited and interested in what color comes next and/or how high you can keep stacking it!

* You can actually use these to create a small obstacle course right in the middle of a room! You can use them to create different shapes as the children can hop into and they have to repeat or say what shape they landed on and so on. You can use this method with numbers too! You can slice the length pf the tube and tape it on the ground to create a “balance beam” too!

* Create boats with the tubes and give other toys something to float in. Get in on the play and get their imagination t run wild! It can make a mess, but it will be worth it!

2-Customize a Sensory and Calm-Down Bottle with your little one! In the bottle of your (or your children) choice, add col with three parts water and a whole bottle of clear glue. So that objects such as glitter, have a nice floating motion. You can also put paper clips in it and watch as the magnet you control, moves the paperclip inside of the bottle!

Take a look into your community discount stores and let your little one pick out shiny little things that can float around in the bottle. The light show can entertain them as they take pride in creating something really beautiful!

I am so doing two bottles with my boys this weekend! Wish us luck and I will let you know the update!!

3- Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set- This awesome 5 in 1 table will entertain children for hours as a water table, building block table, drawing and craft table, sensory (sand, rice, slime) table, and a storage unit! This is a great table that inspires imaginative play as our children build and create!

This includes 2 chairs and 25 ex-large blocks for instant fun and it is compatible and guaranteed tight fit with all major building block set! With the table being built to last, it is strong, durable and easy to switch activities on!

This is an awesome gift to give to any child 18 months and older. It provides convenient stage for building blocks, crafts supplies, water toys and more! Can inspire and grows with your child!


Table: 20″ x 20″ x 17″

Chairs: 18″ high and the seat is 10″ off the floor.

Final Thoughts

I understand the amount of work it takes to keep your children happy AND interested enough to learn at the same time. I know that one thing can entertain them for minutes and something else can last for hours. As we, the adults, get bored with doing the same things over and over again, so can our little ones!

So remember, always keep them interested and feeling inspired! Let them SHINE!

Keep Being AMAZING!


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  1. Thank you for this insightful information. My aunt has little kids and we have been looking to actually help her keep the kids busy with different activities.
    You have highlighted what we will be doing for helping her.

    1. Hello Thebo!
      Please share this article with whoever you believe can benefit from it! The only way to help one another is to help spread the information around so that everyone can surely gain!
      I appreciate you stopping by leaving a comment! I hope to hear from soon!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  2. Hi Brendaliz,

    This is a great article! A friend of mine has an autistic son, I’m gonna tell him about these activities. Seems like a lot of fun to do at home. I also like the fact that it’s not super expensive, because toys really can be those days 😉

    1. Hello Friend!
      Omgoodness! I agree, toys can be super expensive!! Also, being a single mom, everything is budgeted to the last cent, so I try to find the most cost effective toy, but can also help develop skills too!
      I hope my article helps your friend and I hope to hear from you again!
      Thank you for taking time and dropping a comment!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  3. Gorjan Spirkoski says:

    I actually bought the Activity Table Set and I was quite surprised (literally). It was kind of smaller than I anticipated, but it still worked great and my nephews had a blast.

    It was very lightweight, which assured me that no one would get hurt and it was very easy to move around the house on top of that. (thank god)

    I highly recommend it for kids that are around 5-8 years old. Thanks for the post Brendaliz. As always, your content rocks!

    1. Hello Gorjan!!
      I appreciate you taking time to tell us about your experience with the activity table!
      I am glad that it was as awesome as it sounds!
      What are some Cons you found, while having this activity table around?
      Can’t wait to hear from you!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

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