Sensory Wall Panels

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Sensory Wall Panals In Childs Overall Development

The most natural thing to do as a human is touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. But as children, these are what let us experience the world in such a vivid way. Sharpening these senses in childhood can lead to better growth and development; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sensory Wall Panels can feature tactile, auditory, and/or visual sensory experiences that to be used to explore and engage your child in calming activities or sensory integration play. These are used in sensory rooms, classrooms, bedrooms, or where ever you have wall space available for such a use!

They can also provide opportunity for an enriched exploration. Giving tactile, visual, and auditory sensory input, they invite children to explore their senses and discover what is their own sensory input preferences.

What Does Sensory Wall Panels Develop In Children

Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathway, which leads to the children ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Supports language development, cognitive growth, problem -solving skills, fine and gross motor skills and social interactions.

This is why sensory play can play a very important role in your young children life. Almost anything your child interacts with, like building blocks, an instrument, or even play in a patch of green grass can engage the senses but it is also important to create an equally encouraging environment.

One way to incorporate this type of environment is through a sensory wall panels. Which can be placed on an open wall space throughout your house!

Benefits to Sensory Play:

*Helps build stronger nerve connections in the brain

*Leads to well-developed fine motor skills used for hand-eye coordination

*Improves memory, when an activity is repeated

*Helps with language development as your child learns new words

*Encourages social skills when you conduct play in groups, because your child can learn to be more aware of their thoughts and feelings and can learn to express emotions better

*Help with scientific thinking and problem-solving skills

*Can help anxious children to relax when their mind are focusing experiencing a particular sense

Great Sensory Wall Panels For Your Child!

Please let me introduce 4 GREAT Sensory Wall Panels, which have many benefits to ALL children. You simply CAN NOT go wrong gifting your child or any ones child with Sensory wall panels!!

Let’s take a look at 4 sensory wall panels:

1- Montessori Brain Up BusyBoard Activity Board – The function of this wall panel helps develop fine motor skills legitimate reasoning, memory, care and creativity and gives a child a ton of fun and positive feelings for quite a while!

The board uses environmental protection paint to form the mirror surface and bacteria is not easy to breed on the surface. The product does contain a cloth wipe as well. Size of the panel is: 11.8 inch width 7.9 inch weight: 2.55LB.

The sensory wall panel is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are disappointed with their item, they will trade it, supplant it or discount your cash within 60 days of procurement and that makes your purchase a safe bet!!

2- Learning Advantage Elephant Activity Wall Panel This wall panel turns your walls into a musical safari! It features a grooved, wooden percussion board with attached wooden mallet, turning wheel with balls and xylophone with an attached wooden mallet too! This great elephant wall panel can decorate any area really and it will keep your child busy without the toys littering on the floor!

The elephant wall panel helps build up motor skills, hand-eye coordination and descriptive language. I am sure all children will love the different sounds each activity makes.

This can be easily mounted using the fixing holes and attachment screws that are included and at 3.1 ft. long, there can be multiple children playing together at once! Just make sure it is the right height :)!

3- Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys Play Wall Combo Set- This is an AWESOME one become it has 5 separate pieces that convert your walls into a playground for kids, which include Tree Top Adventure, Slidey Spidey, Busy WoodPecker, Musical Rail Track (Xylophone), Door Knocker(Roarry), and Door Krocker(Croakky). These pieces are also an easy peel and stick type of wall panel, so it is super easy install! How can a child pick where to start!!?

This AWESOME wall panel helps a child develop and/or improves on eye-hand coordination, cause and effect relationship and fine motor skills!

Side Note: Because this item is a stick on there are surfaces it does not stick on well to. Those surfaces are textured painted walls, wallpaper, rough walls and dry walls.

4-Learning Advantage Crocodile Activity Wall Panels- This INCREDIBLE multi-sensory wall panel gives a child the ability to explore sound, music, color, and movement across the 11 hands-on activities! Which with the size, is an awesome panel that can entertain small groups of children and have them occupied all at once! I am sure, with the moving parts, bright light and interesting sounds, children would be fascinated and curious!

The crocodile activity wall panel helps build motor skills, hand-eye coordination, descriptive language, shapes and reasoning skills. This is a GREAT toy for the developing years of any child!

This wall panel is easy assembly and lightweight. Each panel includes fixing holes and attachment screws for easy mounting.

A Child’s Smile

I can admit to buying senseless toys because my boys see it, want it, and then have the audacity to give me a look like, “OHHH, I want it”. They look so ADORABLE your like, “Why not? Not entering this battle”. So looking into great toys that educate and help develop your children abilities has been a rather great adventure!

I am learning what toys are better suited for my boys, both having autism. I am GREATLY surprised that the Wall panels can ALSO be called sensory wall panels, and they are beneficial to ALL children, and THAT is so gratifying, as no child can be excluded.

When I saw kids run to wall mounts at the doctors’ office I always said, “I wish I had THAT!” and BEHOLD, they can be yours!!!

*Keep Being AMAZING!!

* Please leave a comment! I will love to read your comments, questions, and experiences if you have your own wall panel. Leave a comment if you have an opinion, or have any recommendations for another type of product I can review! I can not wait to read them!”**

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