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Reflection In The Mirror – Choose Love, Not War

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Inner Thoughts

I have always had some sort of shame when it came to how I look. Many years of my life was sacrificed because I willingly made war within the very body, war should never be fought: From within. I have hated and very few times loved my body in my lifetime but the problem was that the hate outlasted and outshone the times I felt good about myself. It took many years to realize the damage I subjected myself too. I also realized the destruction many people do to themselves because of their quote/unquote, reflection in the mirror.

Yet many people, like myself, struggle with the very concept of accepting AND LOVING the reflection in the mirror and to me the cost of war is short but not satisfying in the least. For example, do you NOT shop because you do not want to try it on and look in the mirror? Are your so called “imperfections” the only thing you see reflecting back at you? Do you only use the mirror for quick glances because any longer would drag down your mood? or do you stare at yourself and condemned the person looking back?

On my journey, coming to accept who I am as been a huge obstacle. I am working on changing my perception and seeing the beauty in myself and NOT just only in others and the world. Someday my refection in the mirror will ONLY be a reflection of my INNER LIGHT.

Let’s get EVERYONE on track to SEE your BEAUTIFUL!

A Mirror Is…

Scientifically speaking, mirror images are results of light rays bouncing off a reflective surface. When we look into a mirror, we see our image behind the glass and the mirror does not reverse the image left to right; it is reversed front to back instead! For example, if you are facing the North, than your reflection will face South.

Are you seeing your TRUE reflection?

We not only see the truest reflection of ourselves, we are seeing our face in motion, just like others see it! Neither a mirror image or a camera picture is truly accurate depiction of how you look because of lighting and other such factors, however, a mirror image is the most accurate of your actual physical self.

Inside Note: There is a disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, also known as BDD, it is a somatoform disorder. People suffering from BDD may look at themselves in the mirror TOO much, while others actually try NOT to look in the mirror. Both of these are possible for a person with BDD.

But Here Lies The Problem For ME (and maybe a few of you too)

Yes, I BELIEVE I look better in the mirror than on camera. Yup, I said it! I HATE having to take a MILLION pictures just to find those few that are grouped with either 1. Acceptable to the WORLD and /or 2. Acceptable to be on my camera, lol! Although logically, I know it depends on the curve of the lens, focus and such, when Speaking about cameras. Especially on how accurate your picture is. The results are technically results, right?

So here goes a few steps I developed for myself PERSONALLY! Yes, I struggle and combat negatively DAILY, but I get better each and every day. Yes I falter, but I get back up because honestly, if I have to remind myself every day that ALL my imperfections are PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL, than that is EXACTLY what I was and am prepared to do.

Personal Tips To Accepting Your Beautiful

1. Get Out Your Head- Okay, I admit, that is most definitely one of the most the hardest things to do because mind power is no joke! It is also the REASON why you have to get out of your head. So powerful your mind is, so try to work on it a little at a time. Do not be discourage, time and patience always win out in the long run!

2. For Every Negative, A Positive Be- lol that is completely made up but the meaning behind it is something I hold dear. Since the words inside your head have so much power over us, for every negative intent, a positive comeback is raised; BY US. Make sure it is louder than the negative voice.

3. Keep Outside Interference, Outside Keep the outside chatter down. Avoid the naysayers and vibe destructors with your determination to stay at peace. Social interactions, television, the internet, even your cell phone access can disrupt your perception and therefore your view on well, everything. Come on and admit it (I will!), when your view is nice, everything around you tend to be. The same goes for a darker viewpoint.

4. Challenge Yourself- Do something that you were scared to do OR siked yourself out from doing. Go places (when you can) and explore your world. You can learn to love new things about yourself when you put yourself to the test. This give me a feeling being proud and appreciative of oneself.

5. Keep Your Head In The Game- I have so many lessons learned and one of them is the importance of always having a game plan. Having a plan A and B, and if by some divine intervention you can juggle multiple things at once, successfully, than do it!! If you follow all steps, this can be possible.

If you are confused as to why number 5 is on my list than I am sorry lol but personally, this gives me confidence and with that comes the ability to overcome the negatively thrown at me and hopeful can help you see the real you, which is BEAUTIFUL!

Do Not Diminish Your Glow, But Ignite Your Flames

This is a sort of add on to the daily routine I already have. Quite simple, they are mostly mental exercises you can do while going about your day. It is like training and guiding your brain to a positive view, of both yourself and eventually the world around you!

I hope my word and tips can help you in any way and that your world become more enchanted every day!

Keep Being AMAZING!


Writer’s Note: Please leave a comment! I will love to read your comments, questions, and experiences. Leave a comment if you have an opinion, or have any recommendations for another topic! I can not wait to read them!

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