Sensory Toys For Children With Sensory Issues

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Awesome Gadgets For Kids With Sensory Processing Issues

I did not realize or really have a word for why my older son was more withdrawn, disliked too many sounds going on at once or chaotic spaces (small activities areas that are overly populated for example), while my younger son thrives on attention, is overly active, and loves playing ruff, although it feels like wrestling to me!! So picking sensory toy’s for children with sensory issues became a habit and a challenge we gladly took on.

Although, let me explain if you have never read my other articles!! I have two boys, Zach, my oldest, is 6 years old and Jojo who is 2 years old and they both were diagnosed just after the age of 2 with autism spectrum disorder. Recently Jojo, who have been scraping by on teletheraperies, started to grow more into himself and it was not long that I have noticed how different their reactions were to their environment. Especially how my oldest prefers his own space and peace while my youngest ends up in the thick of things!

What Is Sensory Processing Issues?

Our brains constantly receiving information using our senses. Processing that information is not a problem for most people; but dealing with the stream of input is a struggle for children who have sensory processing issues.

Children do not share the same reactions to situations and their stimuli; AND because of this, it will tend to fall into one of two categories.

There Are Two Types Of People Who Suffer From Sensory Processing Issue

*Sensory Avoiders- Are people who experience sensory input more deeply than the average Joe, making them avoid it because it is overwhelming them. This might cause children to seem timid or can be ‘picky eaters’, to being picky about the types of clothes they wear.

*Sensory Seeker- Are people who are under sensitive to input, may be referred to as “hyposensitivity”. They seek out more sensory stimulation and in doing so, may look clumsy, be a little too loud or even be believed to have ‘behavior issues’.

So I have researched and/or have personally used, and these toy’s are great for children with sensory issues. They were recommended by my sons therapists over time.

So we can use these toy’s as a way to Educate, Distract and Engage them!

Top 4 Sensory Toys

1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Balance Stepping Stones is an early learning & development activity for children using 5 Soft Stones. This is a great toy as it teaches while sharpening their balancing skills. Test and challenge their balance in a fun and exciting way! While you create new obstacles using the stepping stones provided, they have a chance to improve on both flexibility and assessment taking of a situation.

The material is a Made To Last foam formula that is created both flexible and durable. This is a great product for both carpeted areas or outdoor area while being lightweight, durable, and yet soft to the touch.

National Geographic is one of the highest quality toy’s and their Our Balance Stepping Stones were awarded the 2019 TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD for excellence by Creative Child Magazine.

So help give them a healthy outlet for their energy and you will see a difference!

2. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits Baby Toys & Gifts For Babies are some very best special needs toy’s, no matter who is playing with them. These awesome toy’s concept is simple: you and your child will Push, Pop, and Learn Squishy bubbles captivate their fingers while inspiring early bilingual learning. This shows and teaches autistic and neurotypical toddlers cause and effect (push this and it makes a certain noise). This will also engage their fine motor skills, sensory exploration, early number learning, counting and reading. On one side there are numbers 1 though 10 and has the matching words with Spanish on the opposite side with dots to count, now isn’t that awesome!

My older son, Zach absolutely LOVES this toy at school and it distracted him because of the vibrant colors.

This is PERFECT for children from ages 2 and up. This product has High-quality ABS plastic frame with bubbles made with 100% silicone. So everyone wins!

3. Kinetic Sand, Folding Sand Box with 2lbs of Kinetic Sand and Mold And Tools works like MAGIC! It has the ability to stick to itself but NOT to you! It oozes, moves and melts RIGHT before your eyes! Even as it flows through your fingers like some kind of slow moving liquid, it also leaves your hand DRY! With 20 ways to play, this toy kit will be awesome anywhere! This would keep your kids attention as they feel the different textures and uses their senses to play and observe the cool kinetic sand!

This is super cool because you are bringing home sand without the mess and this cool sand feels like it is wet sand but will not stick to anything except itself. Meaning there is NOI sand on your hands, clothes, molds, hair, etc! Leaving your have completely dry AND never greasy. You can use the 7 included molds and tools to build anything from kings and queens to castle-theme shapes!

This includes: 2lbs of Kinetic Sand with 5 Molds, 2 Tools and one Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box. Made with a special formula or real sand and polymers, hypoallergenic and it is non-toxic.

The PERFECT endless educational creative fun!!! This stimulate’s your children imagination and enhances their manipulative ability using the tools and mold provided. It is soft and easy to shape or sculpt with hands and/or molds, but can impressively

hold its shape and form in great details, especially since it never dries out or hardens. This is super important to ensure you can build and build again!

4. Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair With Pocket is a Hanging Hammock Cocoon for indoor and outdoor fun! It is a reading nook and a relaxation space, which I have seen in the sensory room at my sons school. This is used for rewards, playtime AND a way to relax them when are in a tantrum. They told me that the motion can help them focus or distract because well it IS a swing! It is a cute and comfy little pod system that lets our children curl up inside. You can watch T. V or read a good book in this strongly made, well-balanced swing that can support up to 170lbs with the right installation!

The cushion seat can be inflated to the desired firmness of the user using a high-quality crafted tear resistant PVC that enhances comfortability. Included in this awesome package in all the hanging hardware you will need to mount this almost anywhere! You can have some quiet time with them now!

The Infamous “I’m Bored”

Words NO parent wants to hear as we try to grab and keep our kids attention, all the while ensuring the fun level stay elevated throughout the day. These toy’s both of my boys have used and loved to play with either at home or at school, which is specialized, so I try to follow their example!

Please leave a comment, review or perhaps, start a discussion bout these products or maybe your child plays with something else, I would love to hear from you!

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. I only recommend items I truly believe in based upon in-depth research, reviews, and/or personal experience. Thank you for your incredible support and allowing me the opportunity to deliver the most valuable content to you!

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  1. Jay says:

    Wow,I love this post so mjvha and this is a big thumbs up for the good job that you have been doing here so far. I’m happy to learn about this toys that you have shared here and maybe I should.buh one for my friends daughter who has sensory issues. Glad you could bring this up. Thanks.

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello! I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to read and comment! The swing itself is great for both sensory seekers and sensory avoiders which makes a GREAT gift, especially if the gifter isn’t aware which of the two the child is suffering from. 

      No thanks needed lol, as long as we are doing all we can for the children! 

      keep Being AMAZING!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for sharing this post here. I must actually say that I value all you have shared here and thr fact that I can resonate better with this because my niece is actually suffering form this presently and we have been looking for an approach to actually help him out. This might just prove to be the difference. Thanks

    1. Brendaliz says:

      I really hope your niece does benefit from one of these toys OR the many toys out there that can simulate her mind but not overwhelm the senses.

      I also try to match up activities with things the child likes and then alter it to fit the individual child. Sensory issues can make a lot of things difficult but it is totally worth it!

      Thank you for you time and support! Keep Being AMAZING!

  3. BJaYbOLt says:

    It’s good as a parent to know what kind of toys are perfect for each kids based on their health conditions and their behaviors, it makes it easy for them to interact with such toys and they enjoy their own playing times. All he toys here are nice, I’ll share this around for others to see it.

    1. Yes! I agree that to get the best out of toys, especially when educational, picking the right one geared for your child is probably high up on the priority list!
      I appreciate you spreading my article around to your friends and family too!
      Thank you and keep being AMAZING!

  4. Md. Asraful Islam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is Sensory Toys For Children. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Top 4 Sensory Toys.
    I bought this kind of toy for my baby and he is very happy to get it. I originally purchased the toy that is on top of National Geographic.

    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group if you approve of me.

    1. I am glad you learned more about sensory issues and how not all toys are not equal in any way. I am super happy that your baby can enjoy toys such as the type shown in my article, for ALL babies can enjoy them!
      Even though I am mentioning these toys a child who suffers from sensory issues, they can be enjoyed by all children too!
      I would absolutely LOVE it, if you would to share my article in your social media group!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  5. Brendaliz, I am learning something new. I always thought that children just behaved a certain way simply because that was their personality. I am just now understanding that it could be related to sensory issues. I like how you have explained it and welcome the introduction of these toys. I see how the stepping stones would assist them in mindful activity and balance and the kinetic sand would encourage their creative skills to blossom. Thank you for this information

    1. Brendaliz says:

      I am glad that you are learning something new! It took me until my second boy to really understand the difference between a sensory seeker and a sensory avoider. I had to learn about it because my second son is a seeker and it can get bad to the point of self injury, like headbanging. That was how my knowledge of sensory expanded because I became obsessed with the why of it; and really, could you blame me? 

      I am really glad you found this article informative! Thank you!

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