Exercise Equipment – Home Edition

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If you are anything like me, it is really hard to put in the time and dedication to get a good workout done at home. For me, it has to do with my young sons thinking it is play time, while they fall upon me like it was a free-for-all wrestle mania extravaganza.

So I had to be creative in how I approached my exercise routine. I thought about the things I would do at the gym and either tried to modify the exercise or if they I do not need to be adjusted, will do them around my kids schedules. This did require me to make some purchases so that I can continue my goal realistically. I will be showing exercise equipment that are GREAT for the home and great for you!

Best Equipment For The Home

*FeelinGirl Women Hot Sweat Neoprene Waist Trainer Corset – I fell in love with this waist trainer. It was comfortable and long so that I had all areas covered and the back support was out of this world!

It now has a new special design to make this a more flexible trainer and the waist belt more sticky! Giving you a perfect fit waist trimmer AND waist trainer. It is made out of neoprene and 20% nylon, making it comfortable and has great performance on helping you burn your fat. The neoprene causes you to swear 3 TIMES MORE THAN USUAL. This also helps you eliminate toxins, speed-up them calorie burning process and helps keep your muscles warm and supported, preventing any post-workout fatigue and injuries!

The trainer also has a 2mm single-layer neoprene fabric compression and it is lightweight and made with high quality rubber. It also has an interior pocket that makes it convenient to put small things, like your ID or money in.

They also have excellent friendly customer service and will answer any questions with in 24 hours. This product offers a lifetime warranty TOO!!

*ROSAPOAR Pull Up Resistance Bands – Now if you are anything like me, living in the city, apartments offer so little space that improvising seems like a way to go. bands vary in weight and you can so many exercises with them, you do not even need weights!

These resistance bands offer different power levels. There are five different resistance levels of professional loop bands. Making this suitable for the public such as beginners, fitness fanatics and Olympic athletes.

*Orange 8-15lbs

*Red– 15-35lbs

*Purple- 35-85lbs

*Green- 50-125lbs

The resistance bands offers effective training! It is perfect for learning pull-ups, chin ups, and power training. With the mobility band you can work out your arms, back,legs, and butt all at once! This of perfect the body resistance training, yoga, and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.

All bands are made of 100% natural latex, non-toxic, odor and curled. It is safe and durable and environmentally friendly. The bandsimprove comfort and wear-resisitant performance, that will jot lose elasticity after being used for a long time.

The package includes a free replacement policy, with no need to pay any fees and a lifetime warranty, with no risk at all! You would simply contact the company via Amazon for any questions or concerns and they will be happy to provide comprehensive after-sales service.

The bands also come with a user manual AND a portable bag so you can easily know how to use the product and be able to take it anywhere whether it be the gym, office home or on a trip! Take the portable bag now and be able to exercise ANYWHERE!

*Bowflex Home Gym Series – This is an excellent full body workout equipment! It CAN be expensive BUT it is a mini gym that will literally be right in your home. Now I have tried this out and it was awesome but having a tiny apartment :(. If I did have the room, it would have been mine!

The bowflex showcases 25 PLUS exercises that cover the entire body! It has over 200 pounds of Power Rod resistance. The Bowflex bench converts to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing. This great exercise machine has built in media rack; 4 Position Lower Pulleys or Squat Station. The Bowflew ALSO has multiple cable pulley positions that allow you to easily change the angle of resistance and increase effectiveness of many exercises.

I really wish I had a room for the Bowflex because it seems to have it all, does’t it?

MaxKare Exercise Step Platform Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper – Now this is pure fun! I love using steppers as an aerobic exercises and jumping to the beat of whatever is playing is great! Now this aerobic stepper has 4 adjustable risers, with the height starting at 4 inches but can reach up to 8 inches with risers. You use the risers according to physical condition and fitness goals, and it is inserted at the bottom of the platform to modify your workout intensities!

Using recyclable high-density polyethylene, durable and environmentally friendly with a weight capacity of up to 550lbs. This stepper is light-weight, portable, corrosion-resistan, oderless and easy to clean. It is made with industrial standard, smooth and burrs-free edges, more durable than the normal exercise platform and with longer serving time!

The exercise step platform is topped with soft non-slip striped EVA cushion, that is specially designed to be slick-proof which provides you with a strong grip and enough friction to move comfortably and steadily. The stepper features non-skid feet and connecting slot design to prevent from scratching the floor or sliding. So you will be safe during your workout.

The large platform step size is 42.9” L*16.1” W*4.3” which makes it suitable for all kinds of workout with a large range of activities. What’s more, the 4 included original black risers sizes 16″L*16″W*4″ that opens up numerous potentials of aerobic exercises using the different combination risers!

Since MaxKare Step aerobics platform is suitable for use in many aerobic exercising routines, it can be combined with strong rhythmic dumbbells or dancing to get a great full body workout using whole-body movements. Tone your legs, waist, abdomen, hip muscles, burn fat, improve physical health and range of motion and you can train your coordination as you exercise!

In Conclusion

Staying fit can be just as intense and fun at home as it is at the gym! There are ways to modify and adjust your surroundings so that you can get the same results that you would if you went to the gym. There are easy beginner equipments and also that for the more serious of gym goers with in this article! Now more than ever is a great time and reason to resume or start right at home!

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