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Stressed Out – What Is Stress And How Do We Manage IT

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I have heard many times to ‘Write what you know’ and you know what? The one thing I know that I have mastered in, is being really STRESSED OUT. ‘Yeah!?’ you would say, ‘and so are millions of people in the world’, and yes that’s 100% TRUE. What I am here is to show you that stress can make a mess out of any situation, but can also be completely managable too!!

Are you stressed out? Well then, come on through so we can come to understand the meaning of stress and how we can manage it so that it does not affect our everyday life!

What Is Stress

Ultimately stress is your body’s natural defense against danger and predators. This causes the body to flood with hormones so that it can prepare its systems to invade or confront its perceived danger. It has been commonly referred to as the ‘fight-or-flight mechanism’

When faced with a challenge or a threat, we partly have a physical response. Our body activates resources that help us either stay and confront the challenge or to get away as quickly as possible.

This creates larger quantities of chemicals such as cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine to flood our system, triggering the following reactions to occur:

  • Sweating
  • alertness
  • heighten muscle preparation
  • increased blood pressure

Factors such as these improve a person’s ability to respond to a challenging or potentially hazardous situation. Epinephrine and norepinephrine causes you heart rate to increase.

Environmental factors that trigger this type of reactions are called STRESSORS. Certain noises, firsts, aggressive behavior, even a speeding are examples of said triggers. Feelings of stress tend to increase with the number of stressors that are affecting you.

Acute Stress – Is short-term and considered to be the most common form of stress. This type develops when people feel the pressures of current events or are going to be facing an upcoming challenge sometime in the future. These are often new and have a clear solution no matter the difficulties. Even though it does not cause the same amount of pain, if it is repeated over an extended period; can become chronic and harmful.

Chronic Stress – This type of stress develops over time and is more harmful than the two. This occurs when a person can see no way to escape or avoid their stressors and eventually stop seeking a solution. Past traumatic experiences can contribute to Chronic stress. Being in a constant state of stress can bring on a number of health problems not limited to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

When stress turns chronic unnoticed, people can become agitated and hopeless. This becomes part of an individuals personality, therefore, they are constantly prone to the effects of stress. People suffering from chronic stress are at a higher risk of having a breakdown leading to suicide, violent actions, stroke or a heart attack.

Tips On DE-Stressing

Being a person that stresses (ALL THE TIME) as I do, I have uncovered a couple of ways to help me de-stress. I learned some tips that worked on me when it comes to me stressing, even OVERSTRESSING! Not all of these will work (everyone is different), but maybe they will give you an idea and you can tweak it any which way you want too!

Ways To Combat Stress:

  • Exercise- Is the best thing that could happen to me. I actually hate this quarantine because the gym was my ME TIME. Ironically, it was the birthplace and beginning of my whole transformation! I was able to physically melt my stress away. I actually found (and I am super excited!!) and going to buy myself a INF Inflatable Punching Tower Bag Boxing, which makes it great for small spaces like my home! I find getting into my zone using a great workout is a form of mediation. So I just can’t wait to try this out! You can share your review too, comment below!!!
  • Keep A JournalSometimes, there is just so much going on in your mind that they can become jumbled and confusing. This can leave you feeling frustrated and agitated because you feel like no one will understand or you might not have anyone around you at the moment. Keeping a record can first and foremost settle your thoughts, but it also organized them too! This can help you bring some form of sense to your inner feelings and make you feel less out of control. Plus, it will never talk back OR judge you, so it is kind of already better than a lot of people out there who would not know how to battle your feelings without further damage.
  • Practice Yoga- Get into the routine of mediation, light exercise, movement, and controlled breathing, which is greatly known for causing stress relief. Even if you reap massive benefits immediately, incorporate this into your daily schedule. It can improve your way of life considerably as I have just recently started this!! I am tempted to skip it sometimes, but when its all said and done I feel much better after a session! So unroll that mat, get comfortable and try this out! You might LOVE it. How would you know If you have not tried?**Not everyone is a fan, I know! and it’s okay**
  • Eat A Balanced Diet- It is no secret that if you eat good, you feel that much better. Food can be used for good and eating things that keep you at peak will increase your ability to think positively and ready to take on your day, your LIFE! So why not eat things that can enhance you mind and body!
  • Hobbies And Activities- Just like with exercise and even yoga, get you a hobble that can get you in the mind frame that going to the gym did for ME! It occupied my mind and give it something ELSE to think about, relieving me of stressors and giving my mind the space it needed to settle down before picking up the issue once again! This was such an  AWESOME tool, don’t believe me, TRY IT!!

I would say that very single person is different and the severity in every situation are never the same. If none of the tips do not seem to help, I would suggest possibly seeking a professional, maybe even a Life Coach. Stress can become such a huge problem that ignoring them just seem such a waste. We are ALL special, so give yourself a break and LOVE YOUSELF… always :).

Much Love


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  1. JJ says:

    Breandaliz, this article really provides some good insight into  stress. I went through several years of showing symptoms of stress. I could write or tell about the anxiety attacks, the feeling down for no obvious reason, the medication that sometimes made me feel worse than before, the attitude of people around me. The tools you mentioned are exactly what I used to combat stress, but I had to be regular with them. There also needs to be motivation to do them and so the journaling and working on loving myself helped. Thanks for putting it all together in writing.

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello JJ!!

      To say how proud I am that you were able to lift yourself from such a state would be an understatement!! For a person to push through their darkness is a beautiful thing to see! I am glad you approve of my work too!! 

      You make me feel as if I’m on the right path, THANK YOU, JJ!!

      Keep Being AMAZING 


  2. Katie says:

    I totally agree! My boyfriend is going through a tremendously stressful phase, and in his case yoga and a healthier diet are helping him a lot! In particular, he alternates yoga sessions with specific core exercise sessions, running and stretching, in the last month he has been reborn and is facing his problems in a more calm but concentrated way, without being depressed by the pressure!

    1. Brendaliz says:

      I am so EXCITED to hear that!! It takes a real understanding of what is nedded for yourself and a follow through on those needs that will get him through all the stressfull situations in life! 

      Very few people can handle it all with no outlet. I am glad to try to give tips for the other 99 percent of the population!! (Its okay to laugh, I am SO jealous of those naturally able to shrug their shoulder at the world!)

      Your boyfriend choose the best outlets ever AND it’ll do wonders for his health overall too! Maybe you can join him sometimes. The bond in that will GROW!!

      Keep Being AMAZING


  3. I really needed to read this right now! There can be so many triggers to being stressed out, and some can be just so small but the triggers are triggers and the very important question is how to get out of the them?
    Well, these self care tips and tried and tested and they work every time for me. I highly recommend it to everyone needing bit of TLC. Start being kind to to yourself and a friend to yourself from this very moment.

    Someone once told me, ‘treat yourself they way you would treat your best friend’. That made so much sense! You would be loving, generous, feeding the best food, offering best piece of advice that will actually help them. You will not put them in any difficulties, would you? Then why are we being the opposite to ourselves?

    Sending all my love and kindness to all.

    1. I totally agree!!! And I am soo glad you agree to treating yourself better! We need to understand that it starts with you, so why not have it come from good?!
      Keep Being AMAZING

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