Soy Candles – The Good And The Bad

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Candles are always a go-to when in need of a calm factor in my environment. There is just something about a small fire burning continuously while your scent of choice brings a new dimension to your room that it brings me joy, you know?

I love looking around and finding things like Soy Candles and then I am like “OH, I need to try this, but first some research is required since I am a research kind of girl. In fact, I believe myself a darn good researcher too! (You can laugh! I LOVE talking about these things!)

So without further ado, follow me into the world of Soy Candles- The Good And The Bad…

Soy Candles

Soy candles are made from Soy wax, which is a processed form of Soybean oil. This makes them a natural and safer alternative from petroleum-based paraffin. Soy wax reduces the amount of air pollution too! They burn cleaner and produce less soot than paraffin based candles, so they will not ruin your walls like run-of-the-mill candles tend to do. Soy candles are usually sold in container candles because soy wax typically has a lower melting point then traditional waxes. They can be made into pillar candles, but one must add in additives to the soy wax to achieve this type of candle.

Diamond Candles is a great candle company that sell Soy candles! Diamond Candles even sell The Ring Candles that giveyou a ring with different price tags, from costume jewelry prices to upwards to FIVE THOUSAND Dollars! Although it is not as often with the higher priced jewelry, a gamble here and there don’t harm none, right? The anticipation gets the blood flowing! It also does not hurt that now you have a candle to BEAUTIFIED YOUR ENVIROMENT!!


One Fur is another company that targets pet owned families. For a fresh and odor free environment for pets in all stages of life. This candle can handle the many smells that having a pet entitles for you home. The candles are hand poured and come in a variety of scents that are welcoming, effective and never overpowering! Not only is it 100% soy based it also sports a 100% cotton wick, so it’s super Eco-friendly!!r pets in all stages of life. This candle can handle the many smells that having a pet entitles for you home. The candles are hand poured and come in a variety of scents that are welcoming, effective and never overpowering! Not only is it 100% soy based it also sports a 100% cotton wick, so it’s super Eco-friendly!!r pets in all stages of life. This candle can handle the many smells that having a pet entitles for you home. The candles are hand poured and come in a variety of scents that are welcoming, effective and never overpowering! Not only is it 100% soy based it also sports a 100% cotton wick, so it’s super Eco-friendly!!

Diamond Candles The RINGREVEAL!

Speaking about the rings found in Diamond Candles; I just found their line called The Ringreveal experience! This is giving you a chance to possibly receive two rings! Talk about a GAMBLE!! but it IS a fun gamble, right guys?!

Step To Get You RingReveal Ring:

  • If you were to buy a Candle from this line you are guaranteed a $10 ring. If you find a slip of paper with in the candle you will find a code written.
  • Following the instructions found on the paper, you will enter the code in and it will REVEAL if you win a $100, $1000 or a $5,000 ring!!
  • If you so happen to be a WINNER, then you will unlock the executive ring boutique and you will get to pick and choose the ring size AND style of the “priced range” you have received!

That is IT! It is super easy and all you have to do is purchase and wait excitedly for it to arrive!!!

What scent will you CHOOSE??!! (I can’t WAIT to hear your responses on my comments, my amazing people you!)

Benefits Of Using Soy Based Candles – The Good

There seems to be so many benefits to using Soy, but I do want to make something clear. This is speaking for the 100% Soy based candle products. There are so many scents that use artificial ingredients that some candle can not stay 100% Soy Based. So overall, they will not be considered 100% soy product. It would be mixed into the product and therefore technically not pure. So the benefit COULD be lesser depending on what is the added ingredient because some can be more harmful then others!

  • Soy Wax is natural, and therefore contain no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means that they trigger allergies way less then petroleum-based candles
  • Soy Candles also do not produce petro-carbon soot
  • Burns cooler so it is longer lasting! You can enjoy the scent of your candle generally 30-50% longer then that of a paraffin candle!
  • Soy wax is derived from natural vegetables and paraffin is a refined gasoline by-product. So really, which would you prefer?
  • It is 100% renewable and biodegradable
  • Buying these products help support soybean farmers!

The benefits speak for themselves!! Cleaner and Healthier is the way to go!

The Bad Side of Soy Candles

The bad definitely DO NOT in my opinion, outweigh the good at this point. I have a few things that I need to list so that this post is as unbias as I can make it. Remember, if you have more things to say or add, please feel free to comment down below 🙂 !!!

How Can Soy Candles Be Bad:

  • Even though the soy plant is natural, it is still processed to be burn as wax
  • The phrase 100% soy wax can be debatable because it is still processed and have additives added to make it burn
  • Some people believe that just because it is a plant, does not make it eco-friendly.

So in my opinion, I would put a 100% Soy candle in one room and a regular candle in another and test it out…


Safely And Care Of Your Candle

To get the full extent of your candles use, please follow the instructions below:

  • Burn the candle when it is in sight to prevent any accidents
  • DO NOT burn the candle near anything that can catch fire
  • Do not use if the glass or jar is chipped or cracked
  • Keep away from pets or children
  • Cut wick to 1/4″ (6mm) before you light the candle
  • Burn away from drafts
  • Do not burn on wet, cold or unstable surfaces
  • Do not attempt to move the candle while lit
  • And stop using when the wick is down to 1/4″ (6mm)

Candle Lover

Ok so I love me some candles 🙂 . I find this to actually be a great topic because it can help enhance a room but also your overall feelings! Feeling stress? Get in a bath and burn a candle with Lavender, Clary Sage, Orange and so forth!

So a beautifully decorated home and wonderful scents!! Come on guys, you just can’t do wrong!!!

*** I spent a lot of time researching and carefully writing my post so PLEASE leave a comment or any questions you might have. Start a discussion if you want to, I would totally love to hear from everyone of you! Love Brendaliz :)***

Keep Being AMAZING





Diamond Candles

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  1. Hi Brendaliz
    I love this. It’s so informative, I didn’t know there were varieties of candles and varieties of using them. Am only used to paraffin waxed candles used for human and not for pets.
    Am 100% natural person, so anything organic goes for me. That means I look out for soy candle with a powerful aroma one day.


    1. Hello Felicity!!
      Yes it amazed me too! Espeacially the one for pets simply made my day! Pets can be smelly so some added assurance is welcome on any level! Thank you for stopping by and 1eaving a comment, your time and interest are greatly appreciated!!
      Keep Being AMAZING!

  2. Hi Brendaliz,

    It’s good to know soy candles are 100% renewable and biodegradable to be eco-friendly compared to the normal candles. I wonder the smells between normal candles & soy candles, is there a huge difference? Because I care about the smell the most when I purchase them. If there is none I would consider buying the one that is better for our environment.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hello Matt!
      Thank you for your comment! I love candles and a big reason is for the scent!
      I believe that soy candles throw off more scent, especially when its 100% soy candles (for a cleaner burn), which uses essential oils rather then artificial ingredients that a lot of scents need, like for example ‘birthday cake’.
      It also depends on the makers of the products too! As we all know, every brand is different!
      Know what that means??
      A reason to shop and test! And test again!(my love of shopping does NOT make me bias! Okay, maybe a little!)
      Keep Being AMAZING

  3. Hey Brendaliz!

    This is awesome information. I guess I should come out of my cave more often. I didn’t realize such a thing as soy candles existed!

    I recall once, using an empty wine bottle and burning different colored candles on it, over time. I put the bottle with the candle close to a corner. In the corner I had a shiny sheet of metal. With the room light off, it was amazing!.

    If I can find a similar piece of metal, I see some soy candles in my future!

    Awesome post and information!

    Thanks again!


    1. Hello John!
      I think a little time outside the cave is good for you!!
      That idea with a metal sheet sounds brilliant! Oh!the light reflecting off of that would be AWESOME!! That is definitely something I will try out soon!! Just have to find a thin metal sheet!
      Let me know if you decided to use soy candles and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
      I wish you the best!
      Keep Being AMAZING

  4. I’ve always been skeptical about the commercial brand candles and hence hardly burnt them if ever bought any! I’m more of an essential girl and usually burn that in our lounge. But after reading your post on soy candles, I’m going to look into it and may consider buying it.

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Rani!
      I am glad that you will look into it! I also love essential oils too! I go back and forth between the two depending on my mood, so I understand!
      Please let me know what you decide to do and why! I just love conversations on these topics!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and write to me!!
      Keep Being AMAZING

  5. AJ says:

    I absolutely love candles as well. I have noticed you do feel much better when you have them, something about the smell, and just the light it gives off is very relaxing. Me and my wife use them quit a bit.

    1. Hello AJ!!
      Yes! They do bring character to the room and honestly, a great scented room is EVERYTHING!
      I am always glad to meet another Candle Lover like myself! What are you and your wifes favorite scents? Also, have you ever tried the Soy base candles? If so, Which did you use?
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!
      Keep Being AMAZING

  6. Hi Brendaliz,

    Thank you for writing this awesome article!

    I love having candles in the room, but often find the paraffin bothers my skin and makes too much smoke.

    It’s great to know that soy candles are available as an alternative.

    The rings hidden in some of them is also a very interesting spin on things. Kind of like a Kinder Surprise or something.

    Thanks once again!


    1. Hello Michael!
      No, thank YOU for taking the time out of your day to read my article! I LOVE sharing the things I find and research because often times, they could be an alternative use for you guys!
      There can definitely be something in the normal wax that is causing your skin to have an allergic reaction! I would suggest the Soy Candles! In my research I did find that there are Bee wax based candles too!! But overall, Soy was ranked as the healthiest of the bunch!
      Once again, THANK YOU!
      Keep Being AMAZING

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