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Restarting Your Life

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I am just a normal woman trying to make it somehow in this world. I find that the danger is almost always closer than you think. Those closes to us, the ones who are supposed to care, do not. Money, which should not hold substance, does. People put in place to protect us, protect them self. Strangers nowadays support others more than family and the idea of love is so convoluted, it is ACTUALLY hurting people. Some people (like me), just need to restart your life.

At one point, I was so hungry for some sort of love that I took so much just to keep it. I took the words and arguments, all for the sake of having someone to love. I could not find an exit, and the mute button stopped working ages ago. I was stuck and I did not take it well. It blinded me to what was RIGHT and I lost myself, my worth, and glow to another person.

Fighting Myself

When I finally realized that I had a problem; I lost all control and power to another and I was HORRIFIED. My emotions started to bubble over and I just could not think straight. I knew I had to do something but I just did not know where to start. The walls started to close in and it became harder to breath. I felt trap, and the only way out was to completely restart my life.

But how can people “change up”?

Essentially, one must fight their very own nature to create something more or different. It is not for the faint of heart. It is for the warriors of old, because it will take the strength of a thousand men to accomplish such a task of restarting your life!

Ten Beginning Steps Towards Starting Over

  1. Don’t Feel Down, Give Yourself A Break: If you continue to go on, do the same things, talk about the same topics; what do you expect to change? Go on a vacation or a ‘staycation’, and take that time to RECHARGE. Getting away can help put things into perception. Plus the peace and quiet would be GREAT for the soul. So go, refuel.
  2. Giving Yourself Space For Healing And Letting Go: There are a lot of things and emotions that clutter your every day life, especially if you had a rough past and that weight is also dragging you down. You might want to talk to someone, MEDITATE or even try writing things down. It can help release residue energy so that we can start the process of healing. Eventually healing will turn in to letting it go.
  3. Clear out people, things, and commitments that don’t resonate: If you have a feeling that something is off with your ENERGY or vibe, than you should remove it from your life. If they are people in your life that does not have the best intentions towards you, remove them. They would take all you have, and give nothing in return. If you made a commitment, but you made them under duress or you do not or can not do it, DO NOT. Most times, your energy and vibes are more important. Remember, you can’t give if you are on empty.
  4. Ignore What Others Say And Also How They Think And Live: If you are stuck thinking about how good someone has it, or how lucky that person is, you will be blinded to the life before you. If you assume another is better because of such things, it’ll cloud your view. And if you listen to their whispers, how will you hear yourself?
  5. Get Spiritually Centered: Getting in touch with a religion can sometimes help someone feel calm and find answers where they need it. Sometimes, depending on a person, this means the person has to look deep within them self to find their own connection to something, like mother nature for example.
  6. Get Intentional: Instead of letting things go on, you NEED to put your foot down. Being intentional means you CHOOSE. You must stand up for want you want. It means saying “No” when you would say “yes” do it. It is your decision.
  7. Find The Purpose Behind The Pain: Finding or learning the lesson behind a hardship is very important. It can take your mind away from the initial pain and replace it with something far more valuable; purpose in life. Find your purpose, you will be ahead of the game!
  8. Envision The Life You Want: Having a vision of your goals are super important. It gives your mind something to FOCUS on when life gets tough. This is very important because life can throw a lot of bricks onto your path. Your vision gets you focus on the end goal. Keep dodging those potholes. You’re doing great!
  9. Feel The Life You Want to have: Listen to your heart and your vibes. Feel everything and release outward. Remember, what you give is what you get and that definitely includes vibes. So start storing up all that good vibration, the universe will thank you in return!
  10. Check the limitations and excuses at the DOOR: There are no time for excuses. At this time you are way too in this to back out! Excuses are a thing of the past, if we are to continue to grow.

Restart You!

Some might think “This is it, I did it!” And we did manage to do a lot more than most people can get through, so CONGRATULATIONS!

The hard part I believe, is making sure you stay on track because in this case, it’s easier to get lost detouring than staying on the main road!


Much Love


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  1. Nicole says:


    I think this post adds a lot of value. it is just a matter of time to face a change or a “start-over situation”. This is presented in different ways, sometimes in professional career matters, other in love others even in the place you have to leave. It is different for every person. Do you have any suggestions to take over step 10?

    Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Thank you so much!  I would hope people who need it, would fine the courage to do this! I think my last two post leading up to this one, Overcoming Fears of The Unknown and From Strength To Courage, work very well together. The steps mentioned throughout my posts can and should be done together 🙂 . 

      Come along with me! And we can discuss more! 

      Thank you once again for your time!

      Much Love 


  2. Sami says:

    Restarting your life is such a worthy goal, and one only you can do.  I think that we get stuck and don’t even realize it until we have developed survival habits.  

    Having suggestions about how to help your self in articles like yours is definitely a roadsign to a better life.  We often delay getting started on another path because we get out of touch about what is important to you.  Being a child of my generation, I found myself living with my mother’s ideas and habits.  They were good ideas and habits, just not mine and did not work for me.  Your ideas of staying aware of what is important to you is such a help.  Thanks for your information and suggestions.

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! I think most of us take a lot with us from prior generations and some work and as time goes by, most do not. 

      This fits with so many people and I’m glad you took something with it.

      Much Love


  3. Joel says:

    I love this very much and will use these 10 steps in my every day life . Your words I feel you and where you come from with what you say .. I’m thankful to know I can read your post and be at ease with certain things .. you are truly my inspiration and keep up the fantastic work !!!

    With lots of love

    1. Hello Joel!

      You have been a supporter since the very beginning and I am so happy that my words continue to resonate within you!
      I will always walk with you, as long as you let me!

      With Much Love

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