My Inner Wellness Journey

From Strength To Courage

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Before I could even touch on the topic of courage, I would first love to talk about strength. At it’s very core, the word strength is defined by how much weight, stress, and pain something or one can endure. Strength can be build through life lessons, writings, environment, even force.

I have heard ” When you go through life struggles and decide not to surrender, THAT is what’s called strength.” I think this quote as been an inspiration to me throughout my life. In every dark corner of my mind, there’s a tiny hope for more, for change; for that little whisper that says you GOT this with so much vindication you can’t help but FEEL it. I might have not been the best listener to that gut feeling, but this road is not for one aspect. Growth is but a board term for the never ending road of many turns.

I want to invite you, as I work through how I went from strength to courage.

Inner Voices or Demons

These suckers can leave you a shredded mess of snot and tears. The worst thing in the world , is hearing degrading words from a voice similar to your own. The hits are harder because the ammunition is coming straight from the source and for some reasons even though we all know it’s in our heads, the SHOTS are still direct hits.

When I started my journey, it took so much to get out of my head. No more whispers, they became shrieks and laughter. I felt my insides quiver with the thoughts I could not escape. It was a depressing time for me but I knew one thing. That change can not appear if I did not change first.

CHANGE takes strength and I had been through so much at this point I was a shell of my former self. So I came up with Gym Time, Me Time and it has taken me beyond what I could have expected. This gave me time to mediate in a way. I was able to release frustrations and negativity. I spent that time doing self affirmations and pep talking the heck outta myself. Never give up, your reward will come when consistency is shown.

I became my own cheerleader and the power I took back gave me the STRENGTH needed to slowly raise my head to it’s former glory.

But First, The Grunt Work

After seeing my doctor because one should always ask your doctors opinion when life styles changes are involved, I started to branch off into other areas. My growth grew and so did the concept starting to form in my head. Can you cross heal yourself using mental capability against the body?

You will see the through the steps below and it’s habits I ‘enforced’ upon myself.

6 Habits To Help You Build Mental Strength:

  1. Having a Fit Mind  is caused by taking care of yourself and exercising regularly as it is shown to improve your brain activity and memory. If you are feeling good about yourself, your perceptions are clearer and you are happier.
  2. Focus on ONE Thing at a Time – Often time, focusing on multiple things at once can cause a person to feel staggered and lazy. Feeling like there is no end in sight can get pretty frustrating and disheartening. Try to CENTER yourself. Finish with point A before trying to go to B.
  3. Set Aside Time to Move Your Body – Releasing the jiggers and stress from your body by stretching or exercising can also help release all the bad vibes you are feeling. This can lead to a better and faster growth.
  4. Give Yourself a Daily “Mindfulness Break” – Breaks are important. Think about it, growing take a lot out of a person. When you are in kindergarten, did you not have breaks? Also, I have been told numerous times that growth come when kids sleep. So breaks are GOOD (Give Your Self A Break) Do not be afraid of the break factor. Trust me, it is needed.
  5. Set Limits and Stick With Them – So give yourself a schedule and stick by it. Any type, it’s up to you! This will teach you time management. You will get more done and you’re feeling of accomplishment will skyrocket! The proud feeling you will make you feel GREAT!
  6. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out for Help – I am glad to have a very few good people in my life that I can reach out too. Not everybody does, but if that is the case; we are here, we are family. No one will be denied the help needed. If you have the strength to ask, then someone should have the strength to answer.

Strength Meet Courage

It really hard to say exactly when strength builds up into courage. I believe that if you want something bad enough, it can over ride the fear and strength is converted into courage. Courage to me is the baby to strength and determination. While one is the brawn, the other is the mental. Together they can create a force that SURPASSES even the unlikely.

CAN one be courageous, but have no strength of mind and body?
The answer is simple; you CAN’T. There are people who think being a bully, for lack of better words, are strong. But just because a person screams and shouts doesn’t make it right. And an abuse of power makes a person WEAK because they have to use intimidation or worst to appear stronger.

After the list of habits slowly worked for me, things started getting a little easier. I was sub consciously using and integrating them into my way of life so that I may never stop learning and growing ever again.

My wish is to share this with hopes that it can help you down your path. If you need a helping hand, I’ll be here HELPING you build your STRENGTH, so that when you let go, the earth shakes and you are REBORN.

Much Love


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  1. edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. It takes Conscious and deliberate efforts to build up Strength. However, there is are questions I have been wanting to ask, can courage be inherited at birth, if no what does it takes to build courage, can strength help in combating fear to boost up courage ? Will be very pleased to hear from you

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello!! I am so delighted that you asked me such GREAT questions…  I do believe that we all are born with strength and courage but as we grow up we learn to conform with everything around us. That does not mean we all lose it but it means that a lot of people have hidden or buried it while some people blossom and never lose it… it’s not fair, but to be honest not very much is…

      I believe my post Overcoming The Fears of The Unknown can definitely help in build up ones strength and gives pointers on how to kick down those fears and break the chain. Overcoming your fears takes great strength and it’s an excellent way to build it up. Once something is worth it, not even your fears can stop you !

      I hope I helped you! Please if you so happen to check it out, drop a comment!

      Thank you so much


  2. Philebur says:

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful content here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through this post as it is very captivating and really inspirational content that would give one the courage to continue striving, especially in a time like this, i do hope to be seeing more of this from you, great post.

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello! I am so happy that you found this to be inspirational because everything I write comes from my heart! This post is very close and dear to me and I hope it gives you the courage to do whatever you want! I will definitely be putting more content like this as my road is as long as I choose it to be!

      Remember, growth is a choice.

      So don’t be a stranger!

      Keep Being AMAZING 


  3. Skuchmane says:

    hellloo dear, thanks for sharing such an amazing post, it really is an eye opener, hopefully it  get to more people, ill surely share it in my social media, thanks alot it really is amazing,i believe these is exactly what my mom needs, she will definitely find these post usefull, thanks alot for the info dear, love the designs and your sense of humour here it really brings out the product uniqueness , already saved these so as to come back for future reference

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello! Oh my gosh, you bought such joy to my life! The greatest compliment is being told you will share me on my social media, heck! Nooooo better yet, it’s got to be that you’ll share my words with your mom! That’s awesome and fills me with such fire to continue on! So thank you, thank you THANK YOU! 

      Keep Being AMAZING 


  4. mondayjosep says:

    Hello dear, thanks for sharing such a great and helpful article I came across your post while doing research online after going through your article on from strength to courage l must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful information online  I think the (6) Habit to help us build strength that has been highlighted in this article from strength to courage will serve a great deal in harnessing strength thanks 

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello! Thank you so much for reading AND commenting on my post! It warms my heart to be able to share what I have done to improve myself. It makes me ecstatic to think I can help another grow too! I have faith that you can do whatever you set you mind to!!

      My readers are definitely becoming my motivation to keep moving forward !

      Keep Being AMAZING 


  5. Matiss says:

    Hey, Brendaliz!

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this one. My most favorite bit was on those 6 habits for building mental strength.

    The fourth was a true eye-opener. I’ve never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense. Growing truly takes a lot. It’s a tiring process. It’s definitely something we have to take breaks after. And regular ones. I’ve been kind of downplaying the role of that in my life and self-criticizing myself for not being able to stick with tasks hours on end. But no more. A sort of liberation. I really appreciate it. <3

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hey Matiss! 

      Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate this message because all I want to do to help people. It makes my soul sing knowing its; that I’m helping another to grow! To see another on the path of growth by my side is tear worthy!

      I hope you come on though to my other post as I have some other great works that work all together!!

      Keep Being AMAZING 


  6. Tackie Richie says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this very inspiry article, i have learned a whole great deal about strength and courage build up.i must say that all your points are clear and true. I struggle with so many thoughts in my head and hopefully i am gatgering strength by the day. Please i would love to ask, how can one change an unheathy habit that drains strength and courage? 

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I believe that in order to gain back power you must identify WHAT exactly is holding you back AND counteract the heck out of it. These sort of things can take a long time because it doesn’t become a problem overnight. It become’s ‘a force of habit’ and habits are super hard to break! 

      For ever negative thought, look at yourself in the mirror and make positive statement to counteract. My thought’s use to scream “Don’t look in the mirror, I’m ugly, I’m fat etc” and i would do the exact opposite! I would throw myself at the mirror and willfully TOLD MYSELF  “LOOK in the mirror gurl (in my head, it’s how I say it!), You are BEAUTIFUL,  AND IF YOU DONT LIKE OUR WEIGHT  CHANGE IT…. BUT I AM STILL BEAUTIFUL” , each and everytime the negatively starts creeping in. The louder the voices the LOUDER I got. 

      I also have a GREAT post that can help if you would like a way of Overcoming Your FearsOf The Unknown ! It’s a great read AND works perfectly with this one!

      I hope I helped in anyway!

      Keep Being Amazing 


  7. Andrea asarratori says:

    I am on my journey to build myself up and this article was just what I needed. I always believed you need the courage to have the Strength but after reading this article I am starting to think that it IS the other way around. You have inspired me with your positive and passionate words that seem to just jump out of the Screen. thank you so much for sharing. 

    1. admin says:

      No THANK you for such kind words! Yes, I believe strength and courage are so close together that if done carefully CAN work either way, but I also believe that we are all built differently and therefore, no one way should be THE way! 

      This was the way my mind and body understood it and if I can help and share my experiences, then hopefully I can help someone else who needs this perceptive!

      Keep Being Amazing!


  8. Nuttanee says:

    This is such an interesting take to courage that I have never even considered before. You definitely need strength to push yourself to be courage. Thanks for sharing the 6 tips on building mental strength. What is your choice of mindfulness break?  For me is taking a talk or just play with my neighbor’s dog (pet therapy) but I would love to hear what you do so I can get more ideas. Asking for help is also very important as well. 

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello Nuttanee! Thank you for your feedback and interest in what I do for a break! I have always had a LOVE for words. My all- time, to go to, break time is reading! Lol but up until this quarantine it was exercising as well! My escape in books gave me a space to ONLY think about the characters and not me.. but the gym, that let me release energy and get in a zone ONLY me.. I created my very own special place! 

      I hope this helped and answered your questions!

      Keep Being Amazing!


  9. Sami says:

    I agree with your shared path for building strength.  Get rid of the mindless self-talk that makes you weak and unable to be the person you were born to be.   Creating good lifestyle habits is the first step.  These habits don’t just run jump on you, you have to work at it the first few days as you are clearing your mind of the garbage, and add the good stuff.  Affirmations are a strengthing exercise just like repeated positive statements.  You don’t do an arm curl one time and through your hands up in defeat.  Don’t wimp out on doing the hard work.  Remind yourself.  

    I read a suggestion one time about using the power of paper and pen and give yourself a few minutes to write all the positive statements down, tell your self how great you are. How you are important. How much strength and power you have.  Once it was a habit the other things were easier.  Have you ever tried writing to yourself? Your suggestion to remember things take time, and to work through your self-talk reminded me of when I started the writing.  I now have several spirals full of self-talk.  

    1. Brendaliz says:

      Hello Sami! Thank you for your feedback! You are COMPLETELY RIGHT! I have always had a great appreciation for the written word! I use to write my heart out anywhere! In a notebook, napkin, even my phones notepad AND NOW,  I’m some sort of blogger! I believe the written word is a powerful tool and can be used to NOT only hurt but to SOOTHE (You AND others)! Even part of self affirmations is writing it down in the beginning!

      I have told some friends that have trouble communicating to use this technique and so far has been AMAZING!

      Keep Being Amazing!


  10. Very inspiring and informative post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and drop a comment!
      I have Much more to come, be on the lookout!!
      Until next Time

  11. Joel says:

    That was a fantastic post , very well said in every aspect you mention.. I am a huge fan of reading your post they are very inspirational and I can feel the vibe of you … thank you for another beautiful post keep up the great work …

    Lots of love

    1. Thank you very much! It makes me happy to know I am apart of your journey and I will help you as much as possible! Thank you for believing in my words! You are an inspiration to ME.
      Thank you for your follow!
      Much Love

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