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Beauty In The Raw – Glow UP

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First things first: I am NOT a trained counselor and have no training other than life throwing things my way and thinking I have things figured out; or would like to think I do. It is always easier to dish great advice but to apply it oneself, well that’s my struggle. So, the things I speak of are from experience or trying to help out just by showing everyone the same empathy I would wish to be shown. And in so, we can come to build our confidence together and apart.

I can also say that I have spent close to a decade losing AND finding my self all over again and it was the worst feeling in the world. Having to build yourself up is time-consuming and terrifying. But the results; now the results can make every dragged step, every teardrop, every single turn away from the mirror completely worth it.

The more you work for something, the appreciation for it is expanded. And the more constant you feed the build up, the less difficult everything will seem.

Nobody’s Perfect

Before anyone can gasp, while grabbing their throats saying “How dare you!” I am going to start with a very true fact; No one is perfect and gold does not follow your path as you walk down a rose scented street. This world is not built on perfection because idea of perfection is man made.

Nature can be vicious, ugly and scary. It can be the stuff of nightmares and yet we celebrate each Sunbeam that lightly caresses our cheek and every time rain touches the thirsty earth. I wonder when the ugly in things needed to be hidden instead of revered and celebrated just as much.

This is something to remember:

Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukuroi, is the Japesse Art of repairing the areas of breakage (In Pottery) with lacquer dusting or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

Where is the beauty in things without the hardships?. When things are easy and more things are taken lightly. This shows the beauty in not just fixing something but in the beauty of making things work. In the end you will see the beauty in the work put in. Just like the work you put in yourself.

We are just like the potteries; we are made MORE, cracks and all.

And it is BEAUTIFUL…..

Rock Bottom

But before we get to the beautiful, I had to hit Rock Bottom….

This is the ultimate low, an endless void of pain and despair. It is where dreams come to die and nightmares are sprung from. It is where all is lost, and lost things die. It is cuts so deep they’re invisible and cold that can sweep away your fire and leave you bare. Just how can I walk when crawling seems too difficult? Move with fear and despair weighing me down? When every path you walked turned to dust, how do you continue?

One breath, one decision and a step, to cement it all.

Let me explain exactly what my weird mind came up with to kick my butt back into gear.

1. One breath- This symbolizes the ground you sink into as your body fills with renew air. A clearing of your soul and therefore your mind so that the next move is bearable.

2. One Decision- With a clear heart, make a decision. What do I want and how do I achieve this? This is the most crucial step. Make a clear path that you would not mind a little sweat and tears. Make the destination your determination. When you are planting yourself to the ground in the prior step, you were making your Stance, so use it.

3. A Step- This is the EXECUTION stage. At this point, you’re feeling less lost and your goals in view. Some if not most, are deeply terrified and this is completely normal. As humans, we are wary of change, of the unknown.

But only when I used all three was I able to stay on course. Every breath became a focal point, every decision became easier and for every execution, I claimed sweet victory.

My Happy Trail

Sweet Victory was my gateway to happier, clearer pastures. For every victory, trust grew within. Things around me became crisp and colorful. My intentions becoming purer and love for myself expanded and it showed. Slowly you will build yourself up and the shine will be wondrous.

I can not count the amount of times I was asked WHY or HOW was I different? WHY is my skin shiny? Why am I SMILING?!

Bottom line: I AM different, and skin is a great reflector on what is going on inside. If anything, look at your skin! It will reflect details as you walk along your path shedding the funk of Rock Bottom little by little.

Just like with any living thing, care for it and it will flourish.

Happy Soul, Happy Home

I have learned that if your soul is not settled, then your body is a restless ball of unfocused energy. I find that the steps I mentioned in this helps the staggered feeling of an unsettled soul. A soul is precious and it glows as you grow. They are fragile and naive. It believes in love and brings us light. So please lets all give up on this whole ‘perfection’ business, I rather see the scars. One less ‘thing’ to worry about in a world full of worries.

As you walk along your journey, feeling the soul settling in contently, the Beauty of all steeps in and feeds your soul. That I believe is your shine. Males AND females alike, it doesn’t matter; the glow is in us all.


With Much Love 



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