My Inner Wellness Journey

Beauty from Within- Starting the Journey For Your Inner YOU

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“outer beauty is a reflection to inner health” by Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder

What I have learned so far along my journey is the importance of ‘what comes in, shows outwards’. This is a type of mentally that I believe we all know, but don’t understandably get. You see, before I started taking care of my well being; I FELT old. And trust me, being in my 30’s should not have me feeling old. Everything that usually shined about me dimmed and my general disposition was for lack of a better word, down.

This journey of Health and Beauty interwoven is never ending. There are detours, pit stops and delays because there will always be chances for improvement and growth within you and me.

With every ingredient and intention you put in your body, the better you feel and illuminate your inner light. I want you all on this journey with me because like I said, this journey has no exit lane for me!

My Road Now

I didn’t understand why I was feeling like this and then, I noticed how deep it went.

For many years I have lived with the fact that I was not what I would call beautiful. Yes, I had some nice enough features but ultimately, some days were good and some days I felt like I couldn’t catch a break . If that wasn’t bad enough, I AGED! Now, no laughing, this is serious…

I have ALWAYS looked younger than my age. The day that I looked in the mirror and saw a 3o-something year old looking back, I died just a little inside. OK, OK so I didn’t, technically, but it did lead me to the next step.

The Next Step

First off, I was not mentally ready for the gym, but I did it anyways. And nothing big happened. I kept at it, nothing. So I admit it, my first try, I quit. The holidays came and I lost track of time until what little process made was barely seen. Until I looked back on the family pictures and I was like, no just no.

By this time, I was doing my daily affirmations and made gym time into “ME TIME”. Thats right guys, I went back! Worked on seeing MY beauty in any way I could.

I started watching a lot of talks of self-love and motivational speakers. I did that a lot (multiple times a day or whenever needed) and it has taught me so much about myself. I took this time to reflect on WHY I was feeling this disconnected feeling of not loving ME. Just the thought of those times and my general disposition was much lighter! I needed THAT back!

So to me, a huge part of MY journey was WHY and so I tried to view everything in a brighter context and tried my hardest to push negativity away. I do not exactly eat right but I altered my eating using portion control and if I could, substituted something like starch and fried food to salad or grilled or boiled foods.

This started my love of loving me back.

Who Do You Turn To?

I remember not wanting to burden anyone about these thoughts. I keep my circle small, but even back then I knew if I did, it would be an automatic shutdown. Not in a bad way! No, they would try to hype me up, say I’m beautiful etc. These to me were temporary distractions to what was really going on inside. I dreaded shopping for clothes because I looked good in nothing (in my mind) or the tired looking skin and pimple prone face I tend to have when I’m stress and frustrated. Which to be honest, all boiled down to a simple question:                           Am I happy?                        I think this question taken in a serious context may make many people hesitate, as it did me. Think about it, you got to figure out what exactly makes you happy. This has to be AWAY from people because you should not give people the deciding factor on you own happiness.

You should love to love whatever makes you happy. Even if it is simply to read, swim or even if its jumping on a trampoline; I honestly don’t judge. What I LOVE is to see you grow WITH me; side by side.

I love seeing smiles so big I cannot help but smile back. That light that shines, I call it the GLOW. Its a person who carries the air of love because that’s what negativity will attack; love. Feeling like I had an impact on someone around me is one of the most best accomplicements. Surprisingly, I learned it also gives me a ‘recharge’.

The trust one puts in another to help empower another is scared. I understand that and will try to be right there with each person I have the privilege to walk alongside with. Your journey will be a part of mine for however long I am welcomed.

So always trust yourself because no one has it quite like you.

Happiness Starts With You

First of all, if you’re not happy, who around you is? How fast before the negative in you, brings out the negative in others. How long before your energy, your vibe brings about those heavy feelings in the form of the World… I guarantee you what you put out into the world is what the World reflects right back at you.

The World is a mirror that reflects energy. In my past, what I have noticed is that the more negative I was, the less I was able to face and the sadder I would be. It’s like a mean person you’re trying to befriend is constantly putting you down and eventually, you either are indifferent or strike back. Well the world can’t be indifferent because as a mirror it will reflect whatever is shown. Try to become indifferent to negativity, even if it’s your own.                   I start with my:

• Daily affirmations, of myself and others. Remember I love smiles so I try to hear or see a smile around me at all times

• Stop making excuses (Do it if you can), no matter how small or large, just get it done.

Believe me, that accomplished feeling is well worth it!!

• Learn to trust and love the process

• Maybe pop in on YouTube, a Podcast or maybe read a book with a self-love context or life motivator. You can always message me and I can share the people I listen to

• Music was a way to let go of tension build up. Who can feel negative with that?

• Do Not Stop: Some days will definitely be better than others, DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.

Never Ending Love

To me, this is personal. I fight this feeling to this day and I’ve yet to let it lead me the way it once did. I still hear doubts my own mind created but it’s so much easier to let it go. To trust the process. To repeat whatever steps, when and where in the process, as needed. To know that the results won’t show quite as fast as the positive feeling will, but by this time it will come to mean less than it once did. Your overall mentality is changing! The World can be yours, using love and growth!!

Positive thoughts and smiles ahead!!

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  1. Joel says:

    Hello Brendaliz you are a great inspiration and I feel your words deep inside .. keep up the great work and I am very very PROUD of the work you put in and the more work coming in the future.. Cant wait to see what else comes from you . True inspiration you are never doubt that !!

    1. Hello Joel! Thank you for your kind words! I am glad I am able to help you with whatever you are going through! Please let me know if you have anything else you need help in and maybe it’ll become a post! I am here for you!

      Until Next Time My Friend

  2. You have done an amazing job on yourself and so many of the steps you have taken resonate with me.
    “I am the best person you are likely to meet” Now, I know that sounds egotisical and maybe even arrogant but it’s not. This is the internal dialogue I kept repeating in my head and maybe once or twice out loud.
    Being able to ‘love’ yourself is a major step in being able to move up the ‘self-development’ ladder.
    I love the list you have put together at the end. Following those examples will put you in good stead for dealing with life, and all that it throws at you, head on.
    This is definitely a ‘bookmarked’ site, thank you Brendaliz.

    1. Hello my friend!! I just LOVE your self affirmation! To me there is no “Too Far”! If you have to go that extra mile to snap your subconscious around to your way of thinking, then that’s what you do! You BEING THE BEST PERSON EVER in your mind makes it so; AND I BELIEVE THAT!!
      Your ‘bookmark’ comment made my day so many thanks to you!
      Until Next Time My Friend

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