My Inner Wellness Journey

Health and Beauty Intertwined

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My ideas of ‘beauty’ and ‘health’ growing up were never recognized as the same. In my mind, no amount of excerise and eating right did anything to change how I felt about myself. That ultimately warp the image of myself I saw whenever I looked in the mirror.

My childhood Asthma and undiagnosed PCOS were some causes too, and left untreated had a negative affect. The longer I was in pain and was always fatigued, the more down I felt about myself. My PCOS had my hormones messed up, causing my weight to just slowly gain; never really being able to lose was hard on a person. Even if I was careful with consumption and daily excerise (a.k.a working in an active job) and eventually working AND being a full time single parent. Which many understand it’s like two full time jobs and the one of them is 24 hours, 365 days a year.

A little over a year ago I’ve had enough! I just couldn’t take my pants size actively expanding and now with two very active boys, I knew something was going to have to give.

Life threw down the gauntlet, and the ball ended up in my court.

It All Starts with Perception

Perception is a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

After much thought in how I was going to do better for me and my kids, I realized that it needed to start with perception. I needed to not think too much about what was wrong, but what I could do to improve my overall thought process. It starts in the mind because the mind is where everything starts.

I believe that the mind can play tricks on you. I personally think that if the perception never changes, then the image you see in your head will not change either. The negative thoughts of how I was this and that consumed me to the point that I believed this was my life; that it will not change. And why would it? In order for something to grow, change or evolved, it must first be tested, tried and improved; but should never be left stagnant.

I was at a lost on how to achieve this precisely; but you see, just thinking about the possible changes that need to happen was actually the first step in putting positive reinforcements in my mind. Negative thoughts appear, positive thoughts reinforced. Wash and repeat any time you need to. Until it becomes a muscle memory, done unconsciously.

Will Is The Foundation Determination

This topic will be the most important, but short and sweet.

If I had lost my determination to be healthier, I would never have had the strength to continue, even to this day. And the will to push and keep pushing is self-explanatory… You dig deep and NEVER let go. Will is the foundation of determination, so I decided to make some moves.

Will is your desire and hope in this case. It is the very fuel needed to spark your determination in what ever road you travel on. It is your car, train or bus.

You see it’s easier, from past decisions, to give in when the stacks are against you. While easier to take the road traveled daily, at the end of the day, the only person your cheating, is yourself.

I willfully determined that my love of life was greater then. Doing. NOTHING.

Inner And Outer Health

As I wrote earlier, my health wasn’t the best, and to be honest, I didn’t always try to improve it. The mind and body is such a complex organic machine that only thrives if given the necessary ingredients. If treated poorly, the life expectacy will be shorten, like a machine.

I’m am no doctor and no great speech motivator. I dont have money sitting pretty somewhere for me, so everything I’ve learned is through research and love. Love for one self and others.

In regards to eatting right, I applaud those who can and DO eat all of your veggies daily or even semi daily. I’ll be honest with you guys; I am a hispanic women, but until my first born I didnt even like salad. No greens or anything ‘good’ for me. I eat things I never have now, but not enough to consider ‘eating right’

For people like who need to (like me!) taking natural vitamins are great subitute for ensuring your at your optimum vitamin intake level. My greatest ever achievement in this area was a call from my doctor gushing over my CBC bloodwork! He stated, loosely quoted “I wish I can frame it in the office as a reference to my patients of what your bloodwork should look like!.”

This excited me just as much as the pounds I lost did! At this point of my life, any step forward was counted. If I felt good on the inside, believe you me, you will notice when the compliments roll in. The funny thing is, people will not be able to pnpoint it; for it is from the inside that this radiates from.

Feel better, Look better, Do better.

Beauty starts Within, And Shines Out

I had always had an interest in skincare and makeup. To me it was a way to both hide my so called ‘faults’ and also empathized on features that were considered pretty, just to feel accepted. But the problem was that made me feel that much worst about myself at the end of the day. Having the wrong angle, wrong foundation shade etc had me self concouse… the point was no matter what I did, the view never changed because I knew where the ‘faults’ were. I know their are youtube channels and/or websites that are for covering up, ‘fixing’ or just straight up changing shapes of your features to become what you think is diesirable. But those ways are super time consuming and honestly, who has time for any of that. Plus, I was tired of ‘THE NEGATIVE’

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some makeup. I love decorating my eyes and putting it together with a great outfit and hairstyle. I love all the options in color and different types, like cream or powder base. The different ways to express creativity are endless and I love it now more then EVER!

For the men, it’s genernaling all about the upkeep. Great smelling aftershave and colonge, clean clothes and skin. I would say skin care products are the way to go for men in the beauty shines out department because who doesnt love a put together, clean looking, great smelling guy? Plus, I bet they feel awesome, like a women does with their makeup.

All Intertwine

In Conclusion, as I have stated previously, one can not truly experience beauty shining out; if your minds perception is not on your side. Speaking on a personal level; harnessing the complexity of your minds perception leads to feeling lighter, and my tension and fragile feelings are gone (not completely, but it’s a mom life thing lol) This leads to wanting to take care of myself, to always be better with my Health and Beauty. And yes, the road is never ending, but it is done with a smile. Believe me when I say, the inside and outside should always be in tuned and ready to hold the other up… because it is all interlocked, balanced together, simply intertwined.

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